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Sulphonamide Rubber Accelerators

By DALIAN RICHON CHEM   |    Posted: 8/16 , 2021


Sulphonamide Rubber Accelerators

Richon note new type promoters for tire Tire compound usually uses secondary sulphonamide promoters as main promoters, and guanidine or Thiuram as auxiliary promoters, which can make the vulcanized rubber get good mechanical properties and make the tire get good performance.




This is a late acting accelerator, which is acidic. It has the characteristics of long coking time and great vulcanization activity. Degree of vulcanization of a vulcanized adhesive

Relatively high, excellent physical and mechanical properties, aging resistance is quite good. The compound has a wide vulcanization flatness. Due to the development and extensive application of synthetic rubber and the promotion and application of high dispersion furnace carbon black, special demand for good delay of the accelerator.

Therefore, this kind of accelerator occupies a very important position, and has become the fastest developing and the most promising type of accelerator in recent years.



1) it has tardive, long burning time, fast vulcanization speed, flat vulcanization curve, and good comprehensive properties of vulcanized rubber.

2) it should be cooperated with furnace carbon black, which has full security and is conducive to the full fluidity of pressing, calendering and molding rubber.

3) Suitable for high temperature rapid vulcanization of synthetic rubber and vulcanization of thick products.

4) With acid accelerator (TT), the formation of activated sub sulphonamide sulfide system, can reduce the amount of accelerator.

5) In general, the induction period of sulphonamide promoters is related to the size and quantity of the groups connected with the amine group.



Among the various accelerators used in the world at present, Sulphonamides are the main ones, among which CBS(CZ), NOBS(MBS/MOR), TBBS(NS), DCBS(DZ), CBBS, TBSI and OTOS are widely used, most of which are derivatives of mercaptan benzothiazole. Among them, Dalian Richon can provide the following products:



4.Product introduction



Properties: A slight odor. Soluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide; Insoluble in water.

Application: A medium fast primary accelerator suitable for NR, IR, SBR, NBR, HR and EPDM. An outstanding delayed action accelerator. Be top effective and safe when used at ordinary processing temperatures, causing no scorches. Vulcanized show excellent physical property and quick complete. Usually used alone, when activated by D, TT and TS.

Appearance:Grayish-white powder/oiled powder/ granular.

Picture: granular for reference.




Properties: Light yellow or orange granular. No poison with a little odor of ammonia. Soluble in benzene, acetone. chloroform, insoluble in water and acid, alkali with lower concentration.

Application: An excellent delayed accelerator. The performance is similar as CZ with better scorch safety Widely used in NR, IR, SBR, NBR and EPDM. Can be used alone or with other vulcanization accelerators such as thiurams, guanidines and dithiocarbamates to improve the activity. Mainly used in manufacture of tires, shoes and belts.

Appearance:Light yellow or orange granular.

Picture: granular for reference.






Properties: Without foul odor, but with bitter taste, easily soluble in benzene, carbon tetrachloride.

ethylene chloride; soluble in gasoline, ethylacetate, ethanol, acetone; insoluble in water.

Application: The product posses the best scorching quality of sulphonamides type accelerators. Its scorching quality in natural rubber is better than DIBS, the operating safety is much better. Mainly used in manufacturing of tires, rubber belts and shock absorber.

Appearance:Light yellow powder/ oiled powder/granular.

Picture: powder for reference.




Properties: Light yellow or light pink powder (granular) with taste bitter. Soluble Acetone Organic liquids, including fats and oils, insoluble in water.

Application: DCBS is a sulphonamide accelerator with excellent anti-scorching property and delayed onset of cure. It is compatible with natural and synthetic rubbers, suitable for radial ply tire, rubber belts and shock absorber, etc. Particularly it produces good adhesion to metal.

Appearance:Light yellow or light pink powder/oiled powder/granular

Picture: granular for reference







Properties: Gray to white powder.

Application: CBBS is nitrosamines free products in application, showing longer scorch safety, better anti-reversion curing, lower curing speed, higher modulus and lower HBU of NR and diene rubbers than the standard CBS. To replace DCBS for the tire steel cord bonding compounds show excellent heat resistance and service durability. Suitable for tires, belts, hoses, and other TRG articles.

Appearance: Gray to white powder

Picture: powder for reference





Properties: Off-white crystalline powder. Soluble in alcohol, partly soluble in diethyl ether, insoluble in water.

Application: TBSI can obtain good scorch safety and lower vulcanization rate, and show good curing reversion resistance. It can also replace primary amine accelerator TBBS and scorching retarder CTP blend and be used alone. It can improve adhesive performance between rubber and steel cord, and also improve storage stability of rubber compounds; it can replace NOBS which is carcinogenic. It can be applied to all the diene rubbers, especially thick section rubber products with high requirements on reversion resistance.

Appearance:Off-white crystalline powder  

Picture: powder for reference




Properties: White to gray powder, partly soluble in water.

Application: OTOS is a fast curing accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber. Especially suitable for tire, rubber shoes, hose etc. It’s non-staining but will cause slight discoloration in white or light colored compounds. 

Appearance:White to gray powder  

Picture: powder for reference




Author: MYJ  Dalian Richon Chem Co., Ltd.

Dated: 2021-07-26