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Guanidine Rubber Accelerators

By DALIAN RICHON CHEM   |    Posted: 9/6 , 2021


Characteristics of guanidine accelerators:

Dalian Richon Chem note guanidine accelerators most used alkaline accelerators, which is a medium-speed accelerator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The vulcanization starts slowly, the operation safety is good, and the vulcanization speed is also slow. The biggest feature is the high degree of vulcanization, resulting in high hardness and high constant elongation stress.

The promotion effect lasts for a long time, which can make the rubber material vulcanize for a long time. It is suitable for the vulcanization of thick products (such as rubber rollers), but the product is easy to age and crack, and has discoloration and pollution, which is not suitable for white products. .

Due to the slow vulcanization speed and poor heat aging resistance, guanidine accelerators are generally not used alone, but as the second accelerator for thiazoles and sulfenamides. When used together, the activation effect is particularly strong, and it can only be used alone in hard rubber products.

The main varieties of guanidine accelerators include: accelerator DPG(D), DOTG, BG, TPG, POTG 5. Among them, the guanidine compounds provided by Dalian Richon Chemical Co., Ltd. are accelerator DPG and accelerator DOTG. The details will be introduced below.


DPG, also known as 1,3-Diphenylguanidine, is a white powder, non-toxic, with a critical temperature of 141°C, soluble in chloroform, toluene, benzene and ethanol; insoluble in gasoline and water. Does not absorb moisture.

The scorch time is longer, the vulcanization speed is slow, the flatness is poor, the vulcanizate has high tensile strength, constant elongation stress, high hardness, poor heat aging resistance, discoloration and pollution.

Dosage: 1~2 parts as the first accelerator, 0.1~0.5 parts as the second accelerator.


dpg baozhuang



DOTG, also known as 1,3-di-O-tolylguanidine, is a white powder with similar performance to DPG, safer operation, and higher cross-linking degree than DPG.

Dosage: 0.8~1.5 parts as the first accelerator, 0.1~0.5 parts as the second accelerator.


2.The application of guanidine accelerators

Guanidine accelerators are generally not used independently, but as the second accelerator of thiazoles and sulfenfluorobenzenes. It is used in the production of rubber sheets, shoe soles, bicycle tires, industrial products and their thick products, and hard rubber products.

1 Accelerator DPG

Used as a medium-speed accelerator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, mainly used in the manufacture of tires, rubber sheets, rubber shoes and other rubber industrial products.

Used as an auxiliary accelerator for thiazole and sulfenamide in NR and SBR compounds. Compared with thiuram and dithiocarbamate, it shows better storage stability, but is not as active. DPG can be used as an auxiliary gelling agent (foam stabilizer) in the fluorinated silicon foam process in latex.


2 Accelerator DOTG

It can be used for natural rubber and diene synthetic rubber. Applicable to NR, SNR, IIR, IR, SBR, NBR and CR. Rarely used alone, usually used together with thiazoles, thiurams, dithioamino horses and sulfenimides to improve its activity. This product is a CR plastic decomposer. However, this product is not suitable for food-related products or medical products.


Author: LN  Dalian Richon Chem Co., Ltd.

Dated: 2021-09-06