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Carbon Black

By DALIAN RICHON CHEM   |    Posted: 3/7 , 2024


Carbon is one of the most common elements in nature, whether it is carbon itself or the compounds composed of carbon, it has a very wide range of applications. Among all kinds of carbon materials, carbon black is one of the earliest nanomaterials used by humans. It is widely used in the rubber industry, and also contributes to the application of carbon black in plastics, ink coatings and electrical conductivity

Dalian Richon chem Co., Ltd.  have begun exported Carbon black since 2003, include Thailand, Maylasia, Mexico, Turkey and Egypt.


Carbon black is composed of more than 95% carbon, as well as a small amount of oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and ash, is a kind of soot, texture is extremely light and fine black powder, so it is also known as carbon smoke. The particle size of primary carbon black particles is about 10-500nm, which is stacked by layers of molecular structures similar to stone grinding. If observed by electron microscope, it can be found that carbon black does not exist as a single particle, but is closely connected by one primary carbon black particle to form a grape string aggregate. This is the primary structure of carbon black; The primary structure will be adsorbed to each other into agglomerate due to the Van der Waals force, and finally after granulation, it is the carbon black particles visible on the market.

Method of making carbon black: Carbon black is a product obtained by pyrolysis or incomplete combustion of carbonaceous hydrogen compound as raw material. At present, the most important production method of Richon Chem is the oil furnace method of carbon black, using heavy petroleum oil such as tower bottom oil and creosote as raw materials, introducing the high temperature of 1800℃ reactor, accurately controlling the reaction parameters, producing carbon black with multiple applications and high thermal tail gas, and the tail gas can further produce steam and electricity.

Characteristics of carbon black: Since the primary particles of carbon black are stacked by many graphite-like molecules, such a multi-pore structure makes carbon black have certain surface physical and chemical properties, and makes carbon black have excellent reinforcement, coloring power and electrical conductivity, which are affected by the primary particle size, structural complexity and functional groups on the surface of carbon black particles.

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